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IE-S GmbH Integrated Energy Systems in Energy Matters

IE-S GmbH Integrated Energy Systems
IE-S GmbH develops, plans and brings on stream bio-energy projects in different countries all over the world. Especially projects in the area of thermo-chemical conversion (incineration and gasification of biomass to produce heat and power), physical-chemical conversion (biodiesel of rapeseed, jatropha, sunflower seed and palmoil) and bio-chemical conversion of biomass (anaerobic fermentation of raw material and residues into biogas; bioethanol of sugarbeet, sugarcane and grain) will be developed. In addition consulting work in the area of biomass conversion, energy concepts and energy change and distribution will be offered in the market.

IE-S GmbH Integrated Energy Systems
Leipzig Sachsen

Contact : Dirk Volkmann
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