Controlled Indoor Agriculture

Exploring The Phenomena of Change and the effects of Controlled Indoor Agriculture and how we adapt to the impact on society with the change of the future of farming and gardening.

Controlled Indoor Growing

Controlled Environment
Growing food in a Secured Controlled Environment that is automated and monitored at all times in real time allows for optimum growing conditions with minimal human interaction.
Controlled Grow Modules may be implemented in commercial grow operations or homes around the globe no matter the climate or the outside environment. Controlled Grow Modules may be installed in secure buildings, underground installations and may theoretically operate in orbit, in space, or on another planet.

Verticle Growing
Adapting plants that will grow on hanging verticle supports allows the plant to be conveyed from start to harvest. The verticle support is the lifeline that monitors the light, temperature, water and nutrients. This is not hydroponics and no soil is required.
Verticle supports utilize a growing space from ceiling to floor. If you were in a building with a 20 foot high ceiling you could maximize your grow yield per square foot of floor space.

Weather Hazards & Pest Control
By operating a Controlled Indoor Grow Module you may be able to mitigate the risk of unexpected weather hazards and reduce or eliminate pests and infestations.

The End of Season Harvests
The ability to time the growing cycles with each vertical enables year round harvest. New cycles can be started to allow for scheduled continuous maturing & harvesting. There will no longer be a growing season since harvesting can be all the time or as you desire.

Grow Local
Commercial growers could locate Controlled Grow Modules in the city or close to the population centers that will consume their product greatly reducing transportation costs and logistics time for delivery.
Vertical growing can maximize the yield for the space required to grow, relieving the pressures of deminishing agricultural land caused by urban development.
Daily harvests of exotic produce can be achieved even in hash geography and climates. This has the potential to disrupt the import and export of agricultural commodities globally.

Home Gardening
The concept of a new green home would include a controlled grow module as opposed to an outdoor garden or a greenhouse. The ultimate in sustainable living providing a consistant fresh daily harvest of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.
This changes the approach to preserves and seasonal harvest preparations.

The Phenomena of Change

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