Hydraulic Fracturing

The extraction of oil and gas from oil shales and oil barring rock deposits is made possible by using Hydraulic Fracturing technology. Shale oil reserves worlwide exceed the tradional oil reserves, horizontal drilling methods made economic viability of extraction much cheaper.

Hydraulic Fracturing operations require large volumes of Fracking Sand and create a vast need for Frac Water Remediation.

Bobeaux Trucking

Our friends at Bobeaux Trucking provide trucking and oilfield services, specializing in Frac Sand Hauling logistics and frac water remediation services.


LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) is natural gas (primarily methane, CH4) that has been converted to liquid form for ease of storage or transport.

Development of new Liquified Natural Gas port terminals and specialty designed transportation vessels or LNG carriers are creating worldwide logistics options and is rapidly opening new markets for LNG.

Energy Prices

Frac oil production is economically sensitive to energy prices and wells can be idoled and recommissioned reasonably quickly as world markets fluxuate.

Economics determine the competative nature of Alternative Energy and the development of Future Energy sources.

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