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Sun Power Systems in Energy Matters

Sun Power Systems
Sun Power Systems provides off grid solutions for remote locations, by combining solar energy systems ( photovoltaic - PV ) on rooftops with wind energy. The produced electricity is stored in batteries so it can be used anytime. Cottage Power Systems - Remote Stand Alone Solar Power Solutions for off grid sites. If your cottage is remote from grid power, a renewable energy system will add to this freedom, allowing you the comforts of home without the noise and hassle of a generator. Anyone can use the space on the roof to produce electricity, saving the money for grid extension to their location, and at the same time helping the environment. The energy produced is renewable and free. We also offer integrated solutions for large commercial projects and on grid systems. Photovoltaic systems that are connected to the utility grid(grid-tie) do not need battery storage in their design because the utility grid acts as a power reserve. When the homeowners need more power that the PV system can handle(or the sky is clouded), they can draw power from the grid.

Sun Power Systems
Toronto Ontario

Contact : Alex Holetec
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