Climate Change

Climate Change

The scope of Climate Change covers a broad spectrum of topics including global warming, your carbon footprint, carbon offset credits and general clean, green sustainable living. The evolution of political regulations are dividing the growth of business around Climate Change.
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climate change

Global Warming
The observation that the elevation of greenhouse gas levels, primarily Carbon dioxide (CO2), may be the cause of irratic weather patterns and the warming of the planets atmosphere.
Global Warming accelerates melting of the polar ice caps resulting in rising sea levels causing catastrophic flooding among coastal populations worldwide.
The acceleration of man's activity in industrialization across the world is believed to be a major factor in Global Warming.

Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint is a method of measuring the effect or carbon impact of an activity measured in MTCE (metric tonne carbon equivalent).
Some efforts have been initiated to make people aware of their carbon footprint and to take steps to reduce or off set that footprint.

Carbon Offset Credits
There is a movement around the world for the implementation of a carbon tax or creating a Cap & Trade system. This is a scheme to allot a limit of carbon footprint, those who can reduce their footprint under the allotted limit will earn a credit that can then be traded or sold to those who are over their limit.
The development of thriving Emmission Credit Trading Markets may spawn countless activities that reduce the carbon footprint if they can qualify to be recognized as a valid method in the origination of Carbon Offset Credits.
The maturing of formal markets for Carbon Offset Credits will attact a speculation component which will add liquidity and depth to trading volumes. The evolution of blockchain technology may also assist in the development.

Carbon Capture
Many Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) schemes and programs attempt to reduce the free CO2 emitted to the atmosphere and sequester the captured materials. A preffered aproach may be a Carbon Capture and Recovery (
CCR ) system that deals with the disposition of the carbon.
The economics of most of these Carbon Capture programs is centered around the origination of Carbon Offset Credits which can be sold as the ventures main source of revenue.

Ethanol Fuel is most often used as a motor fuel, mainly as a biofuel additive for gasoline.
Ethanol reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions because the grain or other biomass used to make the ethanol absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows.

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