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Carbon Trading

Carbon Trading

This discussion group allows you to share your comments about Carbon Emission Credit Trading

Carbon Offset Credits represent your carbon footprint or Metric Tonne Carbon Equivalent (MTCE)
There are currently a wide variety of Carbon Offset Credit methods or schemes. With the rapid evolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency it may be an ideal time to review potential developments to grow carbon credit trading.

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Carbon Credits

Carbon Trade

Physical Carbon Trade

New Carbon Products
Check-out the on-line marketplace for trading (buying & selling) Carbon and Graphite Products

Physical Carbon Recycling
Please feel free to add your own Buy or Sell inquiry for Carbon Scrap

Climate Change

Global warming and extreme Weather Phenomena

We may be able to lessen our impact on climate change by reducing our Carbon Footprint by switching from fossil fuels to Alternative Energy

Energy From Waste EFW

The 4 Rs dicussion group

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