Carbon Capture and Recovery (CCR)

to achieve large scale atmospheric Carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction bold and inovative methods will need to be employed

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Carbon Capture and Recovery (CCR)
Unlike Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) systems that attempt to reduce the free CO2 emitted to the atmosphere and sequester the captured materials, Carbon Capture and Recovery (CCR) is dedicated to deal with the disposition of the recovered carbon.
One such CCR concept utilizes an electrostatic catalyst to precipitate elemental carbon directly from the atmosphere to effectively reduce both Carbon monoxide (CO) and Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.
The economics of most of these Carbon Capture programs is centered around the origination of Carbon Offset Credits which can be sold as the ventures main source of revenue.

Carbon Capture Strategy
Carbon Capture strategy targeting greenhouse gas generators and pre selected air quality areas and by using atmosphere sensors to trace downwind emission streams to deploy stationary or portable Carbon Recovery Units

Carbon Recovery Module
Smart modular carbon recovery unit which includes a carbon capture processor and a carbon aglomeration system
by deploying a tireless army of Carbon Recovery Modules that possess the ability to change the climate.

Collection Logistics Strategy
Collection logistics using drone technology and artificial intellegance (AI)
Proposed collection and logistics system utilizing a fleet of drones, shuttles and transports.
Drones - modular carbon capture unit & agglomeration system mounted on a hand held drone with a payload capacity of approx. 10 kilo
Shuttle - an intermediate unit that can house 50 to 100 drones or has a payload capacity of 1 Metric Tonne of collected carbon
Transport - a large cargo transport unit that has the capacity to hold 50 to 100 shuttles and a payload capacity of 50 to 100 Metric Tonne.
Ability to scale to fleet size in order to achieve large scale carbon recovery with artificial inteligence to maintain control of location and time schedules of the operation as desired

Carbon, Graphite and Graphene
Elemental Carbon is a raw feed stock for Carbon, Graphite and Graphene products and the production of carbon fibres, carbon nano-tubes and advanced battery materials.
Raw elemental carbon is collected and algomerated or pelletized into cubes or blocks of desired sizes and shapes for material handling purposes.

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